Annotations of various readings.

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Albers, M. (2005): Introduction to Communication of complex information : user goals and information needs for dynamic Web information 1405
Albers: Comprehending Complexity: Solutions for understanding the usability of information 1374
Anandarajan, Murugan et al.: “Generation Y Adoption of Instant Messaging: An Examination of the Impact of Social Usefulness and Media Richness on Use Richness” 1435
Anson & Schwegler: "Tracking the Mind’s Eye: A New Technology for Researching Twenty-First-Century Writing and Reading Processes" 1585
Arnheim: "Early Stirrings" and "The Intelligence of Visual Perception" 1560
Atkinson: "The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London" 1803
Bangor et al.: "Determining What Individual SUS Scores Mean: Adding an Adjective Rating Scale" 2536
Baranich & Currie: "Come play! Using games to teach, motivate and engage" 1470
Barnum and Palmer: "Tapping into Desirability in User Experience" 1803
Barnum: "Planning for Usability Testing" 1382