Hickman, L.: "Doing and Making in a Democracy: Dewey's Experience of Technology"

Hickman, L. (2003). Doing and Making in a Democracy: Dewey's Experience of Technology. In R. Scharff & V. Dusek (Eds.), Philosophy of technology (pp. 369-377). Malden  MA: Blackwell Publishing. Orig pub 1989.

Hickman analyzes Dewey. Dewey claimed that predecessors hadn't recognized importance of tech, in part due to the prejudice against makers, in part due to social class snobbery/anti pragmatism.

Dewey contended "that his philosophical predecessors had for the most part mislocated technology with respect to science, metaphysics, and social thought. Plato/Aristotle relocated tech outside work of artisan and outside sphere of human interaction. "What resulted was not just a perversion of technology itself, but a stunting of the growth of science and social inquiry as well" (370). Locates the Greek attitude in the fear of technÄ“, too powerful.