Baranich & Currie: "Come play! Using games to teach, motivate and engage"

Baranich, K. L., & Currie, C. C. (2004). Come play! Using games to teach, motivate and engage. Intercom, 6-9.





What is a Game?


requires competition. should be "pleasurable, light, and fun" with defined beginning/end.


Why Use a Game?


challenge curiosity, laughter. helping learners become knowledge constructors by organizing materials, testing knowledge, interacting with content. Can help build teams through collaboration


When to Use a Game


practice/check knowedge, identify knowledge/skill gaps, provide opp for review and refinement, develop new mental relationships/avenues to apply info


Attributes of Training Games


a goal, an objective, a clear start/finish, challenges/obstacles, way to win (through strategy), rules, FUN!


Why Not Use a Game?


not appropriate for all circumstances/audiences (e.g., new info, cheaters/mean players)


Developing a Game


from scratch, using a frame or shell. Two steps required: identify goals and strategies of game, place in overall instruction, age and skill of players; determine surface structure (rules, roles, etc.)


Debriefing After a Game


clear connection to workplace/reality (make connections). Reinforce main points. Resolve issues (conflicts, etc.).