Faber: "Rhetoric in Competition"

Faber, B. (1996). Rhetoric in competition: The formation of organizational discourse in Conference on College Composition and Communication abstracts. Written Communication, 13(3), 355-384. doi:10.1177/0741088396013003003



Reviewed 349 CCCCs proposal abstracts from 1989, 1990, and 1992.


Methodology rating accepted abstracts and common language/constructions/ discourse.


"saw abstracts working dialectically within CCCC discourse--both responding to critical issues in the discipline and at the same time redefining those issues" (363).


(365) notes pattern "problem → method → findings/conclusions"


product=what paper was going to accomplish


Noted "epistemic voice"-- abstracts dealt with differing constructions of knowledge. (365-66)


expansionary rhetoric: (e.g., African storytelling, Native American rhetoric)-- outside of general confines of field.


higher rated work often referenced insider terms/ affiliations (e.g., NCTE study)


epistemic voice-- table 3 p. 374




otc.rstate: hypothesis


difference between hypothesis and thesis... use author''s wording...




otc:rp:cause/effect arghhhh (quantify variation)










otc:rdcoll:artifact examination,written text, CCCC proposal abstracts


otc:datan: discourse (looking at only the language, not formatting of page, etc.)


otc:datack:cross-check (corrater checked 10% of data)


otc:th:social/social constructivist