Evaluating the UX of Instructor Feedback: An Exploratory Analysis

Using UX for Instructional Design As instructional designers, we often focus on the design: the appearance, the structure and navigation, and the resources. However, the learning process also requires feedback. Feedback is, essentially, the response to the learner question, “am I doing it right?” For teachers of writing, providing feedback is often an emotionally- and […]


When Done Is Better Than Perfect

When I was in graduate school, I often heard the axiom “the best dissertation is a done dissertation.” As a pragmatic individual, I acknowledged the wisdom and practicality of that statement. As a detail-oriented perfectionist, I didn’t want to do anything but the absolute best. I’m still a detail-oriented perfectionist, but I have learned to […]


Course Introduction Videos: A UX Perspective

In the hustle of putting together course materials for the coming semester, creating an introductory video might feel like an unnecessary use of time and energy. It’s not.  In teaching synchronous and asynchronous classes, I’ve found that orientation videos save both me and my students time, and can foster a greater sense of engagement and […]

Know Your User

Understanding user needs and expectations is key to successful communication.